Really Bad Horrible Day
Something WONDERFUL!!!


To the blonde in the White Suburban/Escalade this morning talking on her phone while going north on Chicory/Industry road-

STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE so people like ME don't have to go out OFF the road into the grass to miss you driving on MY side of the road!!!!

YOU are VERY lucky I saw you, because you weren't even looking at where your vehicle was-  ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD, you were to busy on your phone and who knows what else!  Distracted Driving for sure causes way more accidents than people realize!~!! 

By this you will have realized I was blessed beyond belief this morning while on my way to the bank and grocery store. I had to go out into the grass on the side of the road with 1/2 of my car so she didn't hit me head on.  We are fine (the car and I but I did hear the bottom drag on the pavement going back up on it)  I think I am going to become one of those gals who waits for her husband to drive her places-  (probably not,  but today it sounds like a good plan!) She could have killed me!!  I have a blue tooth for my cell phone! HANDS FREE talking while driving -  I highly recommend it!!!!!

Rant Over

Now for fun stuff:  Are you ready for mailing yet?


Here are some Christmas Cards I am making from a kit I bought on HSN

I bought this kit for the people who don't throw away my cards.  These are beautiful if I do say so myself.   I have another Stampin Up Kit of shaker cards for our friends with kids and then cards for people who I know for sure throw them away

1977249_1150613384953194_5442942903538511895_n 12096579_1150613414953191_3149919815425656415_n

I am not posting all of them as many of our friends visit the blog and I don't want to ruin the surprise but there are MANY more of other designs, all with the basic pop up but stunningly gorgeous!  Tonight we have the Missionaries and friends from church over for Taco soup and salad and some evening fun and next week my pal Lindsay and I are working on getting ready for the baby shower for our friend and her twin daughters she is expecting in February.  EARLY? YEP!

Weather, early delivery , holidays etc  are what made us choose to have it in November and we are pretty excited too!

The garden is pretty much done and honestly I am glad.  Some clean up tomorrow and put it to bed for the winter.  I am ready to be inside sewing, scrapbooking and EVEN looking forward to organizing the disaster in both those rooms!

Card classes are FULL and we are going to have a lot of fun!  If you want,  you can still order the KITS and they will ship directly to you so you can be ready for Christmas too!

Hope you are having a blessed day too!




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