A Slice of Pie!

SUMMER Drinks are here!

I don't care what the calendar says, summer has arrived and I am in from garden work where the humidity is so bad I can hardly get anything done- ugh- not a fan of sweating to the point of dripping!


So I thought I would share this funny video about a great refreshing summer drink we sell-  you can find it here at this link    and HERE at this link too!

Get ready for summer fun with our June specials and new products! Our irresistible Classic Lemonade is back, and it's being joined by brand-new Summer Limeade. Plus, three of our other drink mixes have brand-new formulas with real fruit powder for an even fresher fruity taste!


here is the link to the Thrive Savings Flyer for June!  Download Flyer-June-Specials

On the flyer I use nearly all of these items weekly!:

  • I am using the Vanilla Powder in my dessert in a jar cookies I am making for my pantry and for gifts. 
  • The Seasoned  Chicken: for "everything"
  • Beef Dices are like roast and we use thenm in about anything and everything frozen hamburger is used for at our house! I rarely buy meat at the store anymore! and Thrive meats won't go "bad" or have to be used up right away either! We also use the hamburger we sell but we absolutely love the beef dices!
  • We love all the cold drink mixes and they are much healthier for families than the stuff you buy at the  store!!
  • the Asparagus-  oh my gosh  its delicious!
  • Chopped Spinach in all my casseroles and soups!
  • Honey Crystals are to die for! honey is SO expensive to just buy and even though it will never "go bad"  I am in love with these crystals. Just add water, stir and let sit and I have real honey for anything I want to use it for!  I can make small or large batches- my choice depending on what I am doing!

I hope that you aren't experiencing the hot humid weather and that your weather is a wonderful even temperature with a cool breeze!

Week before last we had a lot of flooding and all that torrential rain really did a number on my plants in the garden. The tops of my (and the neighbors and others) tomato plant stems are curling like pigs tails-  to much water- sigh   yet we have dry soil underneath and light rain this morning ugh

And I have good news- it's squirrel hunting season here-  so far our squirrel assasin (school pal of Katie)  has gotten 19 squirrels!~ woo hoo and 1 rabbit for the neighbor.  Not to worry he takes them home and they eat them, they don't go to waste.  Now maybe I can plant and grow without the little nasty rodents digging stuff up or chewing up and off my plants!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday everyone!  Talk to you tomorrow

If you want a catalog to hold in your hand either Thrive or Stampin Up! email me and all you have to pay is the postage!! 

Or to see them online  click on the name  Thrive   Stampin Up



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