How to Get Free Stamps in June

A Cool Cartoon!

I absolutely loved this one so I wanted to share with all of you!!


I love it because of a couple reasons:

  • Food is THE most powerful drug we can place in our bodies
  • It's "Farm" related, having been a rancher/farmer it rings true!

That made me think about last Saturday-  Kay and I went to the farmer's market for the first time so far this year.  I was so glad to see Barb from the Herb group I belong to there with her booth full of herbs! I found about 7 I have been searching for all season and we also found a booth of  Fried Pies that are to DIE FOR, talk about delicious! wow!  I may have to stop this Saturday on the way to the Stake Day of service - our branch is doing service for a community garden in Springfield at 9-  FM opens at 8  ;o)

We have been getting a lot of torrential rains and it looks like good old tropical storm Bill will be sending us 6-8 inches with the next 2 days. Flood warnings are being mentioned and posted on FB- sigh.  My poor plants are going to have root rot.   Yesterday while I was out doing errands and getting groceries at Sam's Club, I went to a couple of nurseries and found other plants I have been looking for.  I will be planting them today even if it rains-  actually during a rain or right before is the VERY best time to plant or transplant!  I will try to get some photos and share them tomorrow. 

I have decided that when we get these upcoming torrential rains and possible flooding its time to focus on cleaning some areas in the house- sigh. NOT my favorite thing to do at all but definitely has been ignored. Tidy the office, clean up the fabric downstairs that is strung all over and left - lol (due to good planting weather)   some preparations for the coming preserving season, a bit of new lemon balm in my olive oil to make lemon balm hand cream with in a few weeks. And apply the rocks to the sides of the fairy home I am making. Get my new IN COLORS from STampin Up in my ink shelf unit, add in the cardstock and make a new envelope out of the envelope paper- it's just too stinkin cute!!  Make up another SU Order for next payday-  You know, stuff like that. (I forgot to include paperwork- ew, ew, ew!)

Are you gardening? Are you crafting? What are you guys up to? I love to read your comments- please be sure to leave some occasionally so I know you are out there and I am not all alone~!


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