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Have you noticed lately that it no longer matters what region of the U.S. we live in, we are getting severe weather everywhere now.  We have in the past but not like these days.

We live in Southern  Missouri, due east of Joplin about 1 1/2 hours.

Last night hubby had to turn on the air conditioner the house was at 80 even after opening the doors and windows (muggy)

Here is our expected weather starting later today-

Feel free to read all about it at THIS LINK

Yesterday I spent the entire day downstairs sorting/reorganizing /prioritizing quilt tops. I made 2 receiving blankets, bound 2 baby quilts, put binding on a doll sized basket quilt I made over 20 years ago and will bring it up by the couch so when hubby wants me to watch a movie with him I can hand stitch it down. I also put black binding on an Amish square quilt that also is over 20 years old- sigh  I knew I had tops but when I finally dug them aLL out in January and added in 7 of my moms - wow over 30 in various sizes just needed a batt and a backing to send them to be machine quilted.(photos below).  The large quilt you will see with the circles is a top my mom made but the edges were uneven and there was no border so I fixed that yesterday and will iron and measure it today and sew a backing from her fabric stash and get it in the to be quilted pile this morning.

My goal today is to just make backings for several of the quilt tops. So they are ready to be machine quilted.

I have 14 in various sizes ready to go be quilted on my dining table. I just need to remember to call her and make an appointment to take them over!  I may have to use 3 different gals to get them all done in a shorter amount of time.

My goal by end of summer is to have all of them ready to be quilted so I can take a few at a time, and then start on the "started" tops that I have that I haven't even counted yet!

I don't know why I feel so strongly that I NEED to get this quilting task finished but I am going to do it ! (I suspect it's my evil plot- to sew up what I have a quickly as possible, so I can buy more NEW fabric lol) 

I also plan to take the 2 tables in the extra bedroom and set them up specifically with my Project Life stuff and my oldest son's tub of photos etc.  I would really like to have it all finished up by Christmas so I can send it to him.   Then finish my middle son's photos and paper clippings etc and then "begin" on my daughters lol. (she is 23 now lol) Please be patient with me as I am sporadic with my papercrafting posts. But I will share as I work on them. In the mean time quilting has my focus for now-

Here are some photos of my quilts:

I just love Amish style quilts.  This top was made in 1990ish and when I had my own longarm machine, I quilted it myself. (now sorry I ever sold it) Yesterday I added the binding and washed it and now it's done and gorgeous!

Quilts April 2015 002

This fun little basket quilt was made when I had my quit shop back in the mid 80's and now it will finally be completely finished!  It's doll quilt size. I absolutely LOVE making basket quilts. I have a top in the pile to get a backing and to send out. I will share photos tomorrow.
Quilts April 2015 002

Quite a mess on the table! But, it's organized by what needs a border, what is ready for a backing, and one whole pile of "cheater quilts"  (pre printed fabric ready to just quilt that looks pieced)  This is the table I am working with today. I will be measuring each top and then putting together a backing fabric that size for it and then putting a batting with it and set aside ready to go to the machine quilter. I probably won't get the whole table done but if I can do at least 1/2 that will sure help!
Quilts April 2015 002

This is a flannel piece I had left over from another project. I added the striped pink flannel border and then put a $3.00 fleece blanket on it for the backing. I decided I am going to keep my eye open at Wal-Mart for more of those fleece blankets on sale as that is cheaper than buying the yardage at the store for it!  This blanket is nice and soft and cuddly too!
Quilts April 2015 002

The lighting on this is horrible but this is my favorite quilt.  I am going back with a coupon to Joann's and buy more of that owl flannel and the brown to go with it!  This is a sweet soft receiving blanket that is going in my just in case I need a gift tub.
Quilts April 2015 002

This is the dresden wheel quilt top of Mom's.  She was obsessed with Dresdens and Grandmother's Fan quilts.   This top just needed a border on it to set off the fabrics, so I chose one from her stash and now it's ready to be ironed, measured for a backing and sent to be quilted.
Quilts April 2015 002it's definitely a larger Queen size
Quilts April 2015 002The Grandmother's flower garden quilt she made and had quilted but never put a binding on it- is in my "to bind" pile.  That one is mine to keep.

When I had my quilt shop my mom bought a sewing machine and I taught her to make quilt tops.  With her bad polio arm and her right good arm,  she made beautiful tops.  My mom had polio at 20 and lost the use of her left arm but could do more with her good and bad arms than any other woman I know who had 2 good ones!   I get my "buzyness" from my mom - she was not very good at sitting still and we were always doing "something" together.

Well I hope you are having a productive and creative day! So glad you stopped by today!

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