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Lily Update

Thanks to all of you for your sweet emails, comments, love and support for our granddaughter Lily. She will be 3 this Wednesday

if anyone would like to send her birthday cards PLEASE email me and I will give you the address.

Here is her Mom's Blog CLICK HERE  

Best read bottom up, then you know the whole story  I think there are 4 posts so far. 

If you feel so inclined, a friend of Jana and Jake's started a GoFundMe page for Lily and her parents to help defray the costs as Jana had to quit her full time job to be home with Lily and things have gotten pretty tight as you can well imagine.Lily goes this Wednesday (on her birthday) for another spinal tap and chemo treatment.  So any cards you could pop in the mail they would love! 

Just CLICK HERE to view the gofund me account page - any and all sized donations are appreciated more than you will ever know.

She has always been a bright, happy and cheerful child, but the steroids and chemo have changed her attitude and made her gain about 8 pounds. Jana had her hair cut short in preparation for losing it. Poor sweetheart, my heart just cries for this darling child.

And crackers at 530steriodssuck atslikea15yroldboy attitudelikea13yroldgirl

Here she is on a good day doing some painting-

We have a painter on our handsThank you for praying for her. This is a long road, they will find out if she is in remission we think by the end of the week, but the treatments will continue till all the Leukemia is gone.

We are waiting to visit until Jana gives us the go ahead. We don't want to overwhelm her or the girls or Jake but she knows we will come when she asks us to.

I hope your week is amazing!  I am taking 10 quilts to the quilter today to be machine quilted. I hope I have them back by August.  Then I will take some more!  It's time to start working more in the garden- I bought peatmoss and 6 bags of manure compost this morning after taking Kay to work and will spread them out this afternoon if it's not raining.  I need to get my onions in the ground and some lettuce, peas, radishes, spinach etc.

We worked 5 hours out there on Saturday cleaning up MORE leaves the either dropped off the oak trees or blew in from across the road (insert cranky face here)  I am so tired of leaves! 

But the hostas are coming up, and so are my other perennials. So, I just need to find the energy to get my behind in gear and get it done!

Happy Creating!



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