I Can't Believe I Haven't Shown You This!

Quilting Update

What a week!

I now have the green border fabric for the Gingerbread Quilt tops so I can sew that on in the next few days and prep them to go to the machine quilter.

3 13 2015 010

phew!   Also at the quilt store Friday I  picked up these items too:

3 13 2015 011My friend Sue calls this her "guilty pleasure" and after she said that I am going to as well! This item is the BEST thing for ironing clothing and fabric on the market-  it takes out the wrinkles like nobody's business!

I bought this spray adhesive for basting my baby quilts together so I don't have to hand baste with thread. I will let you know how I like it -
3 13 2015 011

I did it- I paid an arm and a leg for this wash away basting thread- just in case I don't like the spray adhesive- lol
3 13 2015 011

And thanks to Rose at the retreat, I now cannot live without these marking pens-  Frixion and you draw on your fabric-  sew with machine and iron the markings off-   look out world!
3 13 2015 011

I also picked up #7 of my snowman quilt block kits (5 more to go)-  didnt post photo it was to blurry-  I will get the kits all together and take a group shot-  you know that they are ALL still in the bags- none are done lol

Friday night was our first Committee meeting for Genealogy Springfield of which I am the chairman. I am not a genealogy expert I am the organizer  and I have some great experts on the committee with me and this will be a fabulous Event in Springfield Missouri October 18,2015.  www.genealogysgf.org   for details - we are still putting the website together so please be patient.  Registration is FREE but MUST be done online when we have it ready.

We have a range of cold, warm , rainy mixed with sun weather.  I look outside to the garden and run downstairs to the sewing machine.  I am just not "ready" for outside work. I honestly feel an urgent need to get these quilts "finished".  AND the more I can sew up the sooner I can make some new fabric purchases! lol

have a great weekend everyone and thanks for sharing in my life




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