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I Can't Believe I Haven't Shown You This!

Goodness! I was going through past posts and realized I didn't post these photos!

Kay and I have been canning more bacon- yep PRESSURE CANNING!

With the rising cost of meats of all kinds, when I find a sale I buy as much as the budget will allow and then I pressure can it.  So easy to do!

Our quart jars held just over 1 lb of bacon (this is a thicker bacon)

Canning Bacon January 2015 001We laid it out on PARCHMENT paper DO NOT USE any other kind  or it will stick and be a MESS! And I GUARANTEE you will regret it!

Lay the bacon strips side by side about 1/2 inch down from the top of the parchment paper
Canning Bacon January 2015 001Fold the ends of the paper in to cover the bacon then place a 3 inch strip of cut parchment paper over the top of the bacon
Canning Bacon January 2015 001
Canning Bacon January 2015 001Now, taking the bacon fold it towards you like this-  NOT AWAY it will pile up and you don't want that as it won't fit in the jar!
Canning Bacon January 2015 001then ROLL TIGHTLY!!!
Canning Bacon January 2015 001
Canning Bacon January 2015 001
Canning Bacon January 2015 001it will look like this-  now place it in the Wide Mouth Canning Jar
Canning Bacon January 2015 001But, you have to twist the jar while pushing it down into the jar - so Kay held the wrapped bacon and I twisted the jar while he pushed-  teamwork and it was great. Honestly I am not sure I could have done both all by myself!
Canning Bacon January 2015 001This is what it  looks like when its all in the jar-

Now just fold the extra paper down in the jar
Canning Bacon January 2015 001"DO NOT", I REPEAT "DO NOT" ADD ANY LIQUID to this procedure!  The bacon will make it's own and you can use that grease for flavoring and cooking when you open the jar!
Canning Bacon January 2015 001Process 10 lbs pressure for 90 minutes,

When we take out the bacon we can use it for cooking or lightly crisp it and eat it!

Nom Nom NOM!

NEVER can meat unless you are using a PRESSURE CANNER!

This is the Pressure Canner I will plan to have by the end of the year-  it's the All American Pressure Canner- top of the line/cadillac and I want the large one so I can do 30 quarts at one time in one batch!

Here is what I have currently- the Presto 23 quart-  in other words I can do 7 quart jars at a time in it

Product Details

and I have one like it that is 32 years old.


I learned to can meats and use a pressure canner back in 1985 strictly by using the direction folder that comes in the box!  It tells you what you can pressure can, why and how along with the pounds of pressure for the items and the length to process it.

A lot of people are afraid of a pressure canner-  the ONLY way you can have it explode is if you let the pressure get to high on the gauge while is on the burner or you took the dial off the steam release before it was completely cooled. NEVER CAN ON A CERAMIC FLAT TOP STOVE! 

People buy canned tuna, chicken beef, stew, etc at the grocery stores and they use this same exact method so don't fret about it!  Follow the guidelines on the link for canning meat I shared above and you will be fine!

Feel free to put your questions in the comment section so all can benefit and I will answer them there too

Have fun!





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