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I previously let you know that as of May 31st 2015 all Stampin Up My Digital Studio programs and digital content will no longer be available. (insert sad face)

However,  that content can be used in other digital programs!!!!!

Story Rock is the creator of our My Digital Studio program and after contacting them, I found that I can transfer all my MDS files to their My Memories Suite program and continue to use them along with all the thousands of digital content they have available.

My Memories Suite is fabulous and I have a CODE for you to enter when you purchase it  STMMMS93527. just copy and paste it into the code area when you place your order. I opted for the CD version and paid the shipping to have it sent to me.  Then I always have the original on "hand" in case my computer freaks out and something happens. But, you can skip the cost of postage and immediately download it directly to your computer after ordering it!  For Version 6 be sure you have Windows 7 or 8 operating system.  I don't have it on my desktop but I am buying Windows 8 and will have it installed by Friday. I do have it on my laptop- so I will have MMS in 2 places to use it!

I am not usually so excited about a non Stampin Up digital Product! but since MDS is going away and I am in the middle of Lily's Cancer Journey book, it kinda freaked me out!  I am grateful that the same creator of My digital Studio has such a SIMILAR and easy to use program to replace it AND, that I can transfer all my MDS content into it and continue to create!  And frankly, My Memories Suite is about half the price that My Digital Studio was to buy and has even more features.

My plan this year is to purchase a 12" printer and print all those scrapbook pages that I have created and saved for "later" to print! lol. My Memories Suite also has the ability to print books using Polariod Technology for gorgeous books and prints.

Click here to see the My Memories Digital Program and don't forget to use this code when you purchase it.  STMMMS93527


So Much More


And Click HERE to purchase your My Digital Studio content before May 31, 2015.   I will share tutorials on how to change your MDS content to MMS content and keep right on creating!


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