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Thinking About The Garden Yet?

Here is a fun planting chart that should help you know what to plant when.

Garden planting chart

I am not "ready" for planting yet.  I am wondering WHERE is the winter this year? I would love some snow, rain, sleet, hail, ice and cold to appreciate the warm!   I am however, out of habit, thinking about the garden. Not planning yet but "thinking".  I love gardening, but find as I am getting older, at times  I dread it because of the extreme variable weather, the nasty hateful squirrels and the poor clay soil here. Gardening here is the most stressful I have ever had since I started gardening a 1/2 acre in 1980. I am just tired of "fighting" to have a nice garden. I am not expecting easy- have never had easy but the "fight" just to do it here is getting boring and sapping the fun out of the experience every year.

I hope your day is wonderful and creative!



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