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Machine Quilting Baby Quilts

Hi everyone!

Wednesday I went to the local quilt shop Quilt Sampler and took a machine quilting class. It was a refresher class for me as before Katie was born in 1992 I owned an A-1 Longarm quilting machine with a 3'x10' table.

I sold that machine in 2004 (wishing I had been able to keep it)  and I have such a pile of smaller quilts I decided I would see what new techniques are there- they are the same but the notions (gloves, wash away thread etc) are new! Just for information purposes, all my larger quilts are sent to a lady who lives here in Rogersville.

Here are photos of the class project-  I need MORE PRACTICE but I am not ashamed to show them so that others know you have to start from someplace before you get any good-  at least I am hoping that I improve!  I think after baby quilt #40  I may show improvement!   Our teacher Shannon mentioned many times that even the award winning professionals had to start somewhere!  I never plan to enter any competitions.  My quilting is for family and baby gifts for friends.

Zquilt1We were to bring quilting stencils-  I took a dresden I echo quilted aorund the outside of the dresden-   not great but I got the idea down-   and I borrowed the meandering one (which I bought before I came home)
Zquilt1In that triangle background of the Sue, I just went back and forth in there to fill in the space- I like the look but it really needs some practice!

Zquilt1this is the Sunbonnet Sue left- and the meandering pattern on the right with some e's and l's at the bottom.

All the machine quilting minus the 2 center straight lines, are free motion quilting- in other words I hand guided it all myself either following a pattern I drew on the fabric, or in the case of the next one no pattern at all.
Zquilt1Now I admit that the unevenness of this square, I like! I will definitely be using that idea in the future.

Yesterday I decided to "practice practice practice"  and machine quilted this baby panel that I have had for several years.,

January BABY QUILT 2015 photos 002 I marked the lines with my blue chalk so that when brushed or washed it will come off easily and then I straight stitched in the center lines.

January BABY QUILT 2015 photos 002I went around the curvy border line and then I decided to be either ambitious or stupid and go around every other item on the line-

Remember- these shapes are all "free motion" quilting  not like the straight lines where I was able to use my walking foot-
January BABY QUILT 2015 photos 002

So today I decided to make the other girl top into a quilt but I didn't feel as ambitious! All the lines are sewn with my walking foot attached!  And again, I used my chalk to mark the center lines.

January BABY QUILT 2015 photos 001
January BABY QUILT 2015 photos 001
January BABY QUILT 2015 photos 001

Not perfect but useable!

There are 2 boy tops that are very similar to these 2 that I still have to do. I am pretty sure they will be quilted more like #2 than #1 because I just want them done quickly so I can move along to other projects.  When I have them stitched I will be sure to post photos-  but they won't be quilted this weekend!

I share my quilting to show you that YES!!!!!  YOU CAN DO IT~! 

Stop trying for perfection and just get in and HAVE FUN!




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Debby McGillivray

Gwen they look just fine. A cousin of ours sent hers to a lady to be quilted. She waited 3 months before she bothered to start it. It was a wedding present and the day of the wedding she went to get it and it was a mess. No tie offs or anything. She charged her like 150.00 to do it at that time. I think she should of gotten it for half price as she didn't even finish it.
Yours look beautiful. May not be perfect but then it isn't store bought either. I would much rather have one that has some mistakes. You'll get to the point you want to be, give it time.
angel hugs

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