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I am TIRED of Cooking!

Today I made 12 bags of Chicken and Rice Soup Mix.

Chicken rice soup mix

This will make meal prep easy!  Just add dehydrated Thrive Chicken or canned chicken, add to water per label and let set.  I was out of dehydrated chicken- we use it a LOT so I left it out. I will add it or my home canned chicken at the time we use the mix.  Kay will take a couple with him to work and stick in his desk drawer.

MUCH healthier and tastier than the stuff at the store and for those who are GMO freaks-  GMO FREE. 


1/2 cup Thrive Dehydrated Chicken

1/4 cup Thrive Rice

4 tsp Thrive Chicken Boullion

1 tsp Thrive Chef's Choice Blend seasoning

1 tsp Thrive Salad Blend seasoning

1 Tbsp Thrive Celery

1 Tbsp Thrive Carrots

1 Tbsp Thrive Onions

all items are Thrive brand flash freeze dried and delicious!

I created my own how to cook label on my computer and printed!

Easy Peasy and took less than 20 minutes to make.

Have fun!  Check out my husband's Thrive Website HERE

In the meantime Katie and I are having a Pretty Little Liars season 4 and 5 marathon. Its fun spending time with her  and catching up on what we missed so we can find out WHO DID IT or what the heck they are doing!

I have been asked to join in a Blog Hop a week from today (Monday) so keep checking in to see what is going on!

have a creative day!



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Gwen Mangelson

if you click on the photo it tells on the printed label
however it's 4 cups boiling water
thanks for asking!


How much water do you add?

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