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Homemade Maple Syrup

When I was a kid, my parents didn't have extra money. My dad was a disabled Vet and my mother with her good arm and bad arm (Polio took her left arm at age 20 in 1948- if I called her disabled to this day she would come back and slap me in the mouth lol) worked very hard to make ends meat.

I learned from Mom,  how to make maple syrup from the recipe on the back of the flavoring bottle. I have taken that recipe and changed it to fit our family (no recipe,  they are all over the internet). Yesterday I decided to make a very large batch and waterbath can it.

Here are my results

Maple syrup 20151
Maple syrup 20151
Maple syrup 20151It resembles caramel topping! lol  I WISH!    I wanted it a bit thicker than what the box recipe makes so I added Clear Jel to thicken it, although this syrup tastes fabulous and is not runny -  it has a bit of a texture to it- sort of gritty but not horribly so- due to the clear jel. 

I kept out some for pancakes last night and we really love the flavor but I am going to try to find another way to thicken it, maybe cooking it down for a few hours to reduce the water content.  I am not sure "when" I will be doing that but when I do, I will share details.

Now,  Waterbath these jars for 7 minutes to seal the lids. I put a label on each lid with the date it was made so I always know how old it is.   I can say this, it was easy, fun and WAY less expensive than buying it from the store and NO preservatives!

Today is paperwork day (Tuesday)   ewwwww  have I mentioned how MUCH I hate paperwork? lol  and tonight the missionaries are here to eat supper with us! YAY!  I have a pot of hamburger vegetable soup on the stove simmering. It smells yummy.

 I am teaching a 10 yr old how to sew later this afternoon.  She is such a sweetheart. When I asked her what she wanted to make she said "a bean bag".  But, we will use rice because I have it open. I really don't want to open a bag of beans just for a bean bag.  A rice bag will work just as good!

I hope you are having a wonderful and creative day, thanks for stopping by!




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