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Meal in a Jar- Ham & Potato Casserole

I can't begin to express how much FUN I am having creating these Thrive meals in a jar! The feeling of satisfaction that I have a meal ready to add to boiling water and not have to fuss or think or prepare-  stupdendous!

The first part of the fun is when my order arrives and I get to unpack the supplies~!


This is what it looks like in the jar-  if I were to add anything more than the recipe calls for in size of ingredients or added ingredients they would not fit in the 2 quart jar!

The Chef's blend spice in the top added last- I may add it down by the potatos and ham next time for color. 

I then add an oxygen absorber put on the lid and ring and it's good on the shelf for 15 years unopened!
1480534_10152817113591798_3998986715440470998_nI still have to create the cooking labels and I will use My Digital Studio for that-  I will create a circle for the top of the lid and add the directions, date and name and print them on a sheet of sticker paper.  I have a Stampin Up punch that will punch them out and then I can just stick them to the lid and store on the shelf until I need them! 

This makes me VERY VERY happy!    When winter comes and we have unexpected guests or are to tired to worry about whats for lunch or dinner I can open a jar add to water and cook and tah dah-  done!

you can order Thrive Supplies HERE


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