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Meal in a Jar- Breakfast!

I think I have the hang of this recipe now!

24 single serving Apple Pie Oatmeal breakfasts for our winter pantry

Saturday's projects  along with Pearsauce (just like applesauce only with pears)

Apple pie oatmeal photo
Apple pie oatmeal photoI had 6 jars made and thought- hey we better try this before I make more. I had 3 guinea pigs -oops victims- oh wait  TASTE TESTERS out working in the garden.  2 missionaries and my hubby Kay.  3 men- who can be harsher tasters than that? oh and dont forget me!

I put some in paper cups and took it out- they LOVED it! So I made 24 jars!  I will use raisins next week and make 24 more.  At 2 servings in one week (1 for Kay and 2 for me)  we have 3 months of breakfasts with 24 jars so adding a set with raisins will give us 6 months. 

I typed up the cooking directions - that is what is adhered on the tops of the jars. They wouldn't stick to the glass and I didnt want to use my labels you never get them washed off the glass. So I ran a line of snail on the jar lid and stuck the directions on. I didnt put them inside the jar due to possibility of germs from the ink and the paper and my hands.

you MUST add one oxygen absorber PER jar for storage.  these will now be good for up to 5 years!




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