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Winter 2014 Catastrophic.. Are YOU Prepared?

Candle Making with Reckless Abandon!

Yes! That is what I am doing today- getting a start on winter candles. I haven't made candles in over 22 years (before my last baby was born)  I used to make herb candles and sell them. I have no desire to sell them anymore people don't want to pay enough for all the supplies let alone having to add in any time for the project.

So, I am using some antique jars my mom gave me and plan to keep making more candles as time allows.

I am in the middle of Ooey Gooey Cinnamon rolls and had a spare hour so I set up my candle making process-   the entire candle process took less than 30 minutes. It took THAT long only because I was watching the Chew with Michael Strahan on it today too! lol

Here are some photos

Candlemaking1aTIP!! I used our Stampin Up glue dots on the bottom of the metal/wick to hold it in place in the jars so that it didn't move around when I poured in the hot wax. A hot glue gun can also be used.

Candlemaking1awhen they are completely cool, I will pull out the sticks and trim the wicks.
Candlemaking1aI put some scent in them- orange spice and added a touch of mulling spices just because-

A lot of people ask me how " I find the time" to do all the different things that I do and I don't find the time, NO ONE finds time!  I MAKE the time.  And, I am blessed with home businesses that allow me the income to work from home and the time to do things to benefit my family and fuel my creative urges! lol

Here is a photo of the cinnamon rolls raising and the cream cheese frosting waiting for the rolls to bake so I can spread it on them.

Rolls2014I am really enjoying the cooler temperatures here! We will have them for another 6 or so days before it warms up again.  Good time to prep for winter!

I hope you have a fabulous Friday and weekend everyone!

Thanks for stopping in!



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