I am Officially a Mama Bear Today!
Sunday Message

Blessed Beyond Measure

I wanted to share something special to my heart with you today.  Tomorrow I will share new things from SU

I was tagged in this photo on FB this morning by my grandsons mom Kris

Me and jack june 20104This is Jack, he is MY oldest grandchild (biologically)  This photo was taken this June when I was out there to visit.

What my blessing is- and I am bragging, I confess upfront-  Jack called me the day after my mom, his greatgrandmother, passed away JUST to tell me he loves me and ask me how I was doing.  He had been out with his dad and uncle the week before to see her one last time. But out of the blue he called me to make sure that "I" was doing ok. How many 7 yr olds do you know that do that?  I am blessed beyond measure that even tho his parents aren't married, they are teaching him to be compassionate, polite and loving.  I am so blessed! Thank you Jack for loving me and for chosing our family!  You rock my world and my heart!

I was just outside moving sprinklers around as we are in a drought and things are pretty crispy outside-  I picked this box of Brandywine Heirloom tomatos from one section of plants and quit because it is so hot out there!  I will work with Kay tonight to pick the other section of tomatos. And I think it may be time to start pulling out plants.  We are very blessed this year with an abundance of tomatos- I thought the squirrels would eat them all- we had to barracade with bird netting one entire section and then I found on Amazon

Not even the dogs go in the garden now- I am going to get a few more to place in other areas to keep the deer out and to put one at the front porch to keep the squirrels and pets off the front porch too-
here are the tomatos-
Tomatoes aug2014

Anyhow I will be making even more tomato sauce Friday and Saturday. Again, I feel so blessed!

I hope that you are having a wonderful week and that you can see the small blessings in your life as we all have so very very many!

oh I almost forgot to share! I was released as 1st counselor in the Primary organization in our church and called to be a Ward Missionary. I will be going to the lessons our Elder's share. Today we have a single sister and I am VERY excited to attend! I used to whine about never having an opportunity to go on a mission- God Listened and blessed me with this calling, he REALLY does hear prayers and things we say!!

hugs to all





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