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Moving Day

I know that you come here for creative inspiration and for the last few months it has been seriously lacking.  I cannot begin to tell you how draining it is with elderly parents and their health issues.

Today we have to go and pack my moms things at the nursing home, she will no longer be allowed to live there. She now has to be in a lock down facility. And we have to bring all her things home for now until she is in a new permanent place. 

Have I mentioned how badly I HATE Dementia and what it has done, and is doing to my mom? And did you know that medically a "diagnosis" of Alzheimer's cannot be given until a person is DEAD and they do an autopsy?

What a Crock! And from the website definitions of the stages of Alzheimer's my mom is stage 6 out of 7! But they will only diagnose her with 'dementia'.  We got that diagnosis 16 years ago! I am so frustrated!

My stepdad was in the Emergency room again yesterday but is now back at the nursing home. He is a mess physically while my mom is a mess mentally.  I feel like all my creativity has been drained from my body and I find myself more and more in my yard and garden puttering. Gardening is good for my soul.

So please, please bear with me as I struggle through all of this. I just received an order of 8 brand new stamps and some designer paper from the new catalog and I will be playing this week and sharing here. I have another order going in this week for the Project Life items.  I am thinking they look pretty fast and fun to create with!

Due to the holiday this week we will not have card class, all my stamping friends are gone! lol  

We have a church Pancake Breakfast here on July 5th,  8-10am

It's free, so come over and visit with us! bring your lawn chairs!

I hope your weekend is wonderful. I am off to get moms stuff/see my stepdad and wish him happy birthday- hit Sam's Club for our monthly supplies as well as the pancake breakfast supplies and come home to crash! lol

I did get 21 quarts of green beans pressure canned this week and I am now teaching how to make jam and jelly in July for our Relief Society meeting. I have been making those since 1980 and I love it.  Jam is good but not as good as homemade!


Hugs to all





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Kay Capps

Hi Gwen-I know exactly what you are going through with your Mom as I dealt with it with my Dad. At first we tried Dad living with us and that lasted a year before his condition got worse. Then one nursing home after another until one 6 hours away could take him. It was so painful to watch a fun and intelligent man's mind and body deteriorate! Blessings to you and your family as you go through this ordeal! Hugs!! Kay

Claire Ventre

Sending positive thoughts your way and many prayers for your family! I'm exhausted just reading about it. And you still managed to get all those beans put up!! Good for you:)

Cyndi Ferenz

I have always heard the opposite...that it was Dementia that could not be diagnosed until after death. I know it is hard to deal with. I've known several people with or caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's. My niece work at an Alzheimer Care Living Facility.
My hubby's BIL, had early onset Alzheimers a few years after he remarried (after hubby's sister passed away in '90). His new wife had a hard time caring for him...her elderly parents that lived with them, along with her mentally challenged sister. I don't know how she did it. They also had a late-in-life baby and he was 17 y.o. when Oscar passed away. He passed away in 2009, a couple days before my mom passed away. She worked and Oscar retired and raised their son. She didn't really want to be a SAHM, but Oscar loved to be a SAHD and someone had to stay home to care for her parents and sister as well.

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