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Thoughts about Memorial Day from a 22 yr old

My daughter posted this on her FB page today and I felt prompted to share it here for more to see.  I couldn't agree with her more!

Katie Gamble feeling irritated

As a cashier I hear lots of people's plans for the Memorial Day weekend. Let me just remind everyone the reason for the "holiday", it's not about the fireworks, the food, the camping, the boats, etc. It's about remembering those who fought for our country and those who still fight for it. It's about honoring those brave men and women who put their life on the line for us to enjoy the many blessings and privileges we have in the US. So before you start complaining about the weather ruining your plans or that this or that has kept you from whatever you are planning to be doing, remember there are loved ones who died for your right to complain that should be remembered and appreciated instead.


Many of you may not remember that she (Katie) went to boot camp for the National Guard and was sent home for her severe asthma.  Altho she didn't get to finish what she wanted to, I honor her today for her service and I honor my ancestors and all that have died and who serve today for putting their lives on the line for me,my family and friends.  I cannot say thank you enough to each of you and to the families who support and have supported you.  THANK YOU! Thank you for keeping me free and safe!

BbqMany hugs this Memorial weekend



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