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253 lbs Lost

Love this story! 

Are you ready for Season 4 starting on Tuesday? 


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Vemma Bod-e Spokespeople Transform Lives on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss

Vemma Bod-e Spokespeople Chris and Heidi Powell Extreme Weight Loss, starring Vemma Bod-e Spokespeople Chris and Heidi Powell, is back in primetime on ABC beginning this Tuesday, May 27. Make sure to tune in, set your DVR, and have your team do the same.

The hit series is back for a fourth season as TV Celebrity Transformation Specialists and Vemma Bod-e Spokespeople Chris and Heidi Powell document the amazing transformations of 16 courageous, obese individuals for a full year as they make major lifestyle changes in an effort to safely lose half of their body weight.

One of the most inspirational stories in last season’s show was that of Bob Brenner, a police detective and high school football coach who underwent a record-breaking transformation, dropping 253 lbs in one year with the help of Vemma Bod-e.* Watch Bob’s video now, and see why his wife says the challenges he overcame were truly heroic.

Season 4 of Extreme Weight Loss will include 13, two-hour episodes, including the first 90 days of each participants’ treatment at University of Colorado’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. You’ll follow the participants as they receive guidance and a reality check from medical director Dr. Holly Wyatt and Chris & Heidi.


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