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More Surprises !

A Gardening Suprise

We have Gnomes and Fairies moving into our gardens!

The reaction of the little people and the older kids along with the Missionaries, Parents and neighbors has been so much fun that we plan to make sure a few more gnome and fairy families move in and furnish their properties.  The gasp, the giggle and the happiness are so worth the effort for Kay and I! I think he is really getting into this stuff! lol

Here are a few photos of Gnomio and Juliet's place

Photo1 4
Photo1 4
Photo1 4Now remember, they are just getting moved in so there will be some changes coming!

Photo 1
Photo 1in the next photo you can see Kay's shadow better than the gnome brothers! lol

he told me they started building a house yesterday and until just now, I totally forgot to check to see how it was going! so I am headed outside when this post is done to see!
Photo 1have an awesome day everyone!

Tomorrow's post will have the fairy village that is being constructed I hope you come back to see what is going on in there- seems that things happen overnight!

As you can see by my gardening posts, in this weather I am outside as much as the weather will permit.  I hope you are inspired by these posts. It is just so much fun to hear the little girls and boys that visit giggle, squeel and give us ideas.  And let me tell you that the adults (yes the men too) are just as bad!


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