Update on My Step Dad
Insanely Healthy Energy...*

It's Working Again!

WOW! We are up and going again! Typepad had a hacker problem and I have been trying to post for over  a week and haven't been able too until today.

I have some quilt photos from Paducah to share this week but today I am a Grammie Bragging...........

"Baby Jude Maxwell Mangelson was born at 2 am today weighing in at 7lbs 13 oz and 21 inches long.  He makes grandbaby #19 for us and we are thrilled he has joined our family!"

UPDATE: just got a photo to share!  Jude

Now for the grandkids on my side of the family I have some awesome photos from the weekend! I know- I need to scrap them but my time today is limited so I will just share the pictures for now

Jack, Madison and Garrett - the 2 on the right are brother and sister and all are cousins.

10253931_234893733377148_4523595437407538859_nThat's my son Morgan, Madison's dad in the photo with them


10308256_757204014319272_334379101373845799_nhow cute! I am so pleased they are learning these skills!  My family never kills JUST for fun, it's always for meat to feed their families.

I hope you are doing well and I look forward to sharing my Paducah Quilt Show photos with you tomorrow!

Note-  my step dad goes in today to have his stitches removed and I will be there to gather the details from the Dr and see where we are headed next- and as soon as I get a camera battery I will get some updated garden photos to share but for now my mind is on organizing my quilting room so that I can utilize the inspiration I absorbed while in Paducah! Yup, I bought a few new patterns and a new binding ruler too!



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