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Insanely Healthy Energy...*

If you crave a healthy energy alternative that refuels and revives your body quickly without a jittery feeling or energy crash, then you’re going to love Verve!* With a convenient and fast-acting boost of energy, Verve has a delicious tropical fruit flavor, patterned after the very popular mangosteen fruit.*
Available in a refreshing energy drink or convenient energy shot, Verve gives you...

  • A delicious, fast-acting energy blend.
  • 12 full-spectrum vitamins and plant-sourced minerals.
  • An exotic mangosteen and aloe superjuice blend.


What is natural caffeine? 

Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in a wide variety of plant life and has been researched in over 20,000 studies. Out of the 60-plus plants worldwide that naturally contain caffeine, the most notable are the coffee bean, guarana berry, tea leaf, cocoa bean and kola nut. Researchers have found that caffeine has many health benefits when consumed in moderation (there can be too much of a good thing!). Caffeine supports enhanced performance, alertness and mood.* Most recently, scientists have begun to evaluate the effects of caffeine on maintaining healthy blood sugar and supporting healthy brain function as we age.


The Verve® product line contains natural caffeine, whereas many energy-enhancing products on the market may contain a synthetic form of caffeine. Verve Energy Drink contains 80 milligrams of caffeine derived from the guarana seed, which nutritionists believe may be supportive of athletic performance, fatigue and weight control, as well as providing antioxidant properties.* Verve Energy Shot contains 160 milligrams of caffeine from the coffee bean that scientists believe may support brain function, vitality and overall health.* Each of these natural caffeine sources was chosen for its unique benefits and flavor profile with the individual Verve products.

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