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FAQ: Stampin' Up!

I have had some questions by email and I thought I would share the answers here-

FAQ about becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator
Commonly asked questions about becoming a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator

How much do I have to sell to stay active as a demonstrator? You must sell $300 per quarter (Jan-Mar, April-June, July-Sept., & Oct – Dec) to stay current. However, the quarter you sign up in is waived. For example, if you sign up in January, you have until June 30th to fulfill the $300 in sales which is a minimum of 5 full months plus whatever would be left of January after you join. After that you have until the end of each subsequent quarter.

What happens if I don’t sell $300 in a quarter? If you do not sell $300 in a quarter, you will be automatically placed into “pending” status and SU gives you 30 days to catch up. Let’s say you end the quarter on June 30 having submitted $250 so you are short $50. You would simply have to submit that $50 in sales in July to stay active. Nothing complicated or punitive. You just catch up during that sort of “grace period.”

How long does Stampin’ Up! require me to stay as a demonstrator?  Stampin’ Up! imposes no time limit (short or long) on your role as a demonstrator. You can buy the Starter Kit to get the huge discount off of the items and if you choose to not stick with it, SU imposes no penalty or fee. Becoming a member of my team is totally without any consequence to just give it a try.

How much of a discount do I get for merchandise for myself?  SU! offers us a 20% discount on everything. If a retail item is $19.95, for example, you collect $19.95 (+ tax and shipping) from your customer but you pay SU! $15.96 (+ tax and shipping on the $19.95) for that item and you keep the difference as “Instant Income.”

A second way to earn is off volume. If your sales, in one month, reach $400 or more, you begin to earn a volume rebate AND you then qualify to earn a rebate off your own downline. The percentage of rebate at $400 in your own sales is 5% and goes up to 20% when your sales are $5,000 or more in one month. Additionally, you’d earn a rebate on your downline’s sales too (you earn off those who sign up under you.)

How do I pay for the orders I place personally for myself or a customer? You use the online ordering system to place orders for both yourself and for customers. Customers pay you personally by cash, check (written out to you), credit card, Pay Pal or…. and you pay SU with their money or your personal credit card or checking account. (You may use the Customer's credit card information in our ordering system and then SU directly deposits your income into the bank account you added when you signed up)

How else can a customer order?  Customers may order directly from you on your Demonstrator Business Web Services website if you choose to get one. The system processes orders 24/7. You can be earning income in your sleep!

How much does the Starter Kit cost?  The Starter Kit is $99 + tax (ships free) and you build it with up to $125 of any product of your choice (you cannot go over $125 by even a penny).

 When does Stampin’ Up! have incentives to sign up?  SU! advises us of all new promotions on an ongoing basis. They mix it up so we honestly never know what’s coming up too far in advance. My philosophy is that the kit is such a steal and zero risk so why wait? Join the demonstrator “club” now and start enjoying the perks and discounts!

When is the best time to sign up?  Honestly, there is always something going on to inspire sales in new customers so any time is a good time to sign up. Note, though, that our biggest sale of the year begins in January so getting in on this now can be fun.

Can I be your downline even if we don’t live close to one another?  Yes!  You can live anywhere and be in my SU family!

Support from Stampin' Up!

We love our demonstrators and it shows through our demonstrator support materials. Workshop ideas and audio and video trainings on all kinds of topics are available at your fingertips on our demonstrator website. Plus, you'll receive our Bi- monthly magazine just for demonstrators, which is full of informative tips and beautiful samples. (NO COMPANY gives better support than Stampin Up- I was in a LOT of companies before I joined!)

Is there anything else I should know? The number one thing I emphasize is that aside from all the above, it is quite taboo to sell current items on eBay. If you were to do so, you’d risk being terminated immediately. SU is very strict about this! And, you cannot sell Stampin Up and directly competing companies products. ( Like Close to My Heart or Creative Memories)  Stampin Up! Current products cannot be sold in a storefront (booth at a craft fair) etc...

 Terms to know:

            Demonstrator: the only people authorized to sell new Stampin’ Up! (we are NOT called “consultants”)

            Upline: the person you sign up under (what I am to you)

            Downline: Your relationship to the person you signed up under (what you are to me)

            SU: Stampin’ Up!

            DS: Demonstrator Support (by email or phone – very helpful!)

Check out the KIT information and Video HERE

I joined SU over 10 years ago (just for the discount) and 3 months after starting I was asked to teach friends and neighbors what I was learning from my uplines and so my career began!   I am now a Manager and I can do as much or as little as I choose!

We have no sales quotas, other than our quarterly minimum of $300.00 (before shipping and tax)  and frankly I spend about $100.00 per month for myself for personal projects. I prefer the QUALITY products that SU has compared to anything else on the market. I prefer to buy from myself to remain active in SU and I hold 2 monthly card classes and 2 monthly scrapbooking classes. We are NOT required to hold ANY classes at all! I do it because I love it ( I am a people person and I love sharing!)

Anyone within the US boundaries (Includuding Puerto Rico and American Samoa) can join my team.  I love that I can do with this business what works for me financially and my life and the company supports me in my decision! They have never and will NEVER (nor will I) put pressure on anyone to sell more, do more or be more.

Don't Delay, join my team today.

Please Click on the shopping cart to place your STAMPIN UP! online order. All orders are shipped using UPS directly to YOU!


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