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Cold Go Away & Pounds Drop

Ok, it is mid March and yesterday was 78 degrees and wonderful today is 41 and icy winds. I now agree with everyone who says that winter needs to hibernate and let spring do it's thing!

Yesterday I spent the day outside and planted about 65 bulbs/bareroot for Hostas, Columbine, Ferns, 2 free trees we got a the garden show, lots of Caladium.  It was hard to know where to put them as the others in those beds are not yet poking their heads out of the dirt! Usually by now this time of year here in Missouri, they are about 4-6 inches tall and the daffodils are already blooming. Greenhouse march2014 011

Well NOT this year! we are 2-3 weeks behind.  But I have to remind myself its still a month+ ahead of where I used to live at the foot of Mt Adams!

My greenhouse is now FULL of trays of planted seeds, we had to put 2 straps over the top and anchor it down last night due to the high winds.  I would hate to lose all my hard work!

Greenhouse march2014 008
Greenhouse march2014 008I am loving the gravel~  Can't wait to get all the paths done so I don't have to walk in the mud anymore or re-bark every couple of years

Greenhouse march2014 014Today I had my weigh in day with my accountability coach and I lost another 1.2 pounds.  I am using the Bod'e Products and a specific eating plan and so far I am down 8lbs! 

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I hope you are warm and that Spring really does "spring" soon! lol



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