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Wheat Bread & Cinnamon Rolls

Wednesday I decided to get out my wheat grinder and make some wheat bread. Well the bread recipe turned into 2 loaves instead of 4 and I made the other half batch into cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting-  nope no diet food there! lol

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I forgot to get a photo of the cinnamon rolls frosted! lol Now they are all gone! 

Shown in the above Photos,  I used my Ktech grinder and put in my red wheat and ground it into flour- easy peasy.  While that was going on I heated the honey my Son and DIL gave us for Christmas in a pan of water to liquify it (honey lasts forever this is how you make it liquid again) and mixed it into the brown sugar, shortening and water you see in the next photo.  The 4th photo has more water plus the yeast and salt in it to proof/sponge. Takes about 25 minutes~ if your yeast doesn't do anything or your bread doesn't raise, your water is to cold or to hot. The only other reason would be old yeast. I buy mine by the block at Sam's Club and it's in my food storage in a cool place until I open it and then I keep it in Tupperware in my frig.
If you want a scan of the recipe I used,  you will have to post a comment to this blog post. PLEASE Do NOT email me for it. I will only send it to you when you post a comment on this post. ;o)  and I am happy to share it with you when you do!
Have an Awesome Valentines Day!

Hearts Gwen


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Will you share the recipes for the bread and cinnamon rolls? The look wonderful. I love you blog and am a follower.

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