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Peeling Like a Snake

Yep, you read it right!

My Face is peeling like a snake in small pieces not one big piece. I had a 5 layer facial chemical peel for my post menopause acne on Monday afternoon and I have been taking benadryl since for the itching on my neck! lol No, it's not an allergic reaction, its the drying up of the skin it just "Itches" !

This morning I woke up and when I moved my face it began to peel.  I see that the brown spots and places on my skin are peeling to reveal nice pink skin underneath, and it will be a few more days before this process is all done. So needless to say I have been sleeping a lot thanks to the benadryl lol

I can tell you this, if you want to have it done you cannot go back to work for a week so be sure you do it during vacation and it cannot be done in the summertime due to sun exposure. I am blessed to work at home so I am ok. I did go out on Tuesday with my bright red face and by the looks and questions of people I decided I would stay home till the process is complete! lol 

I wont say it "hurts" but imagine your worst sunburn and times it by 50-  redness, tight skin, itching, etc.  No, it's not "fun", but I am getting excited to see the results!!! And I WILL be wearing a high sunscreen everyday of my life from now on!!!

I have photos, but I have very little vanity left and choose not to post them on the web!

Friday I have to get back to finishing up the grandson's scrapbook and get it in the mail on Monday- the shower is March 2- which is coming up shortly! 

I hope you are surviving the weather. We have horrible high winds and dropping temperatures- it was about 65 this morning its in the low 40's this evening and still dropping.

I can barely see the tips of some bulbs in the yard and garden and ususally by now they are up and about to bloom.  I dont mind the weather, I know God has a purpose and I try very hard to give thanks for the moisture in all it's forms as it fills our wells, our lakes, streams, ponds and creeks.



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