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Update on my Parents

Hi everyone

my life has made a drastic turn since Sunday Sept 29th.  My step dad Ken went in the hospital for dehydration and is now in a nursing home for physical therapy. He will be going in a week to the VA for removal of a Malignant Melanoma. Then back to the nursing home for a while. In the meantime I have become the primary care giver for my mom.

This was taken on one of her better days last month. 

This morning she is alseep in my favorite chair in the living room with the Tv on lol.  It has been quite an adjustment, getting her back and forth from our home to hers, we had to hire overnight help for 4 nights a week and on MWF her care giver comes for 3 hours to help her bathe, do laundry and clean for her.  I didn't realize how much maintenance my mom requires. I had to put it all on a wall calendar so I would know when I could work, when I had to go get her or take her someplace.  WOW! I am wiped out it's like having kids in the house again and I am not saying that to be rude, it's the blatant truth!

I just got a call from the care service a few min ago and mom will get 7hr 15 min of care 5 days a week starting next week at her house.  That will be good for her and for me. I know she loves me, but as we all know we are more at rest and comfortable in our own home/environment.

At the nursing home yesterday the doctor, nurse and social worker told Mom and Ken that they will HAVE to go into an assisted living facility when he is out of the nursing home. He doesn't have the motor skills necessary to care for himself anymore so that means no more taking care of mom either. And although we have a large home, the stairway that would have to be used to get to a bedroom is not an option for either of them.

The nursing home staff accomplished in their 10 minute chat what my sister and I have been trying to achieve for the last 6 years! I guess he just had to be incompacitated to "get" that they really do need help.

Anyhow, tonight is card club and I will have the cards we make posted tomorrow (Thursday) so stop back by to check them out! One is Halloween and the other is Christmas!

Hope your day and week are awesome and full of creativity!




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Carrie Rhoades

Wow, whirlwind! Hang in there! Some stamp therapy sounds like the perfect thing!

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