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Hi everyone!

 I am working hard at losing weight and inches to recover my health and NOT become prediabetic!!

I use THIS DVD 2 times per week to help me achieve this goal-  AND I am down 17 pounds and 4 inches in my waste as of today~! whoop whoop


I have told you in previous posts that I am using the BOD-E products that Chris Powell (of Extreme Weight loss on ABC Every Tuesday night) and Vemma created- I LOVE the Chocolate Shake best, but the Vanilla is delicious too!  The Bod-e burn helps curb my appetite and helps "burn" calories and puts needed nutrients in my body for a workout or a walk!

The FREE APP and website are VERY helpful making eating fun and shopping for the correct foods EASY!

Powell bode meredith

You CAN lose weight without exercise or walking but... muscle BURNS fat and keeps our metabolism "going".  So why not walk or work out 2-3 days a week and up our strength and fat burning AND increase our health?

On the Extreme Weight loss show last night  Chantell made a statement that resonates VERY clear to me because it IS me- "if I don't lose the weight, I will lose my life"  I am only 40 pounds (minus 17) over weight  but it has my cholesterol HIGH, my blood pressure is high, and I am .1 (yes point 1) from being Pre Diabetic-  my dad lost his toes then one foot and then another due to diabetes and that he would NOT eat the right foods or exercise to prevent it and it ended up KILLING him!

My doctor has said to me, "It's not IF you have a heart attack or stroke, it's WHEN".

I am not going to allow that to happen to me! I am getting rid of the belly and the weight!  I have a long life to live full of wonderful people and I want to live it healthy!

Ok, stepping down off the soap box!


hugs to all



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