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Movie Star Lauren Holly Joins Vemma!

It's exciting that after portraying Ruth, the wife of Jeff Elliott. Lauren sees what the Vemma Liquid nutrition does for people's health and that Lauren joined Vemma and has her own TEAM. 

this photo is from the 700 club tv show


Lauren holly


This is Just plain AWESOME!

Overcome with emotion after watching his son play in his first collegiate basketball game, Jeff was inspired to tell the story of how his son overcame a massive brain tumor, double vision, and zero balance to receive a basketball scholarship and earn a starting position on his college team. Through telling his son's story, it is Jeff's desire to give hope to those who are lost, inspiration to those who despair, and vision to those who cannot see past the obstacles that life has placed in their path.

And part of that path includes Vemma Liquid Nutrition!


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