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Hi friends

I have not been online or posting because this week my mom was at the Senior Center for lunch and just passed out in the chair. They called 911 and I have spent everyday with her at the hospital before and after work (after that first day).

Her 85th birthday is tomorrow and we hope she will be going home today, they have been doing tests to find out WHY it happened. It was NOT a heartattack or stroke they think her heart may be working to slow and we will have a better idea today after the corroted artery test yesterday morning and the  echocardiogram last night.

Please add her to your prayers, she is my hero. She has been such a strong woman all my life and to see her fragile and frail now with these problems and her alzheimers it's really a hard thing to watch.  She and I have been so close all my life I am truly a blessed daughter!

Tomorrow (Saturday), Hubby and I will be working on the Craft Fair projects and then taking her to birthday dinner to celebrate.

I hope your week is going wonderfully and that you have time to be creative!



 UPDATE for 9/21/12

Mom went home today- it was the medications causing her heart rate to drop so low- all is fixed meds are changed or eliminated and her heart rate is almost double what it was! The Echo did find a hole in her heart from birth and the cardiologist said more than likely that is why she is having strokes- blood clots are getting in her heart because the membrane never grew over it (on the atrium) so next week we see the doctor to discuss surgery to fix it- NOT open heart stuff, something similar to an angioplast type surgery placing a disc around the hole and closing it off - wow please let the stress decrease for us as tomorrow/Saturday the 22nd is her 85th birthday!


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