Wedding Plans in full Swing!

Happy Mother's Day!

To all my friends and family who are Mom's  you rock and I wish you the best Mother's day ever! Here are some fun sayings to share with my mom friends!

I love you guys!



I am blessed that Katie and Mitch are here and we will have missionaries plus my mom and step dad here for Sunday Dinner to celebrate Mother's day!

I hope yours is full of wonderful things as well!




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sherrill graff

I like this Gwen, thanks for sharing it with me
Sherrill Graff


enjoy your's are a precious commodity .... we only have
one to love unconditionally forever!
So here's to our mom's and their mom's and to our daughter's who may one day
be able to experience the love and joy of being a mom too and in that moment they will understand just how much as a mom that we love them unconditionally forever right back! Have a safe and happy mother's day...

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