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My Card has been Featured on The Stampin Up Site!

In my email box this morning was this:

Dear Gwen,

Your photo "Vintage Vogue Birthday-Front" was just featured on My Digital Studio.

To see your photo featured, visit:

HOW EXCITING IS THIS?  WOW!! Chosen by Stampin Up to be Featured on their My Digital Studio Website! WOW! What an honor!!  I am so excited!!

Here is the featured page photo!!!   I am so excited!!!  My Card is the blue one 2nd from the left on the top row.   To see my Blog post about this card Click HERE

On another note, I have pneumonia lucky me!  So I will take Thursday and Friday off from blogging and be back with a post on Saturday.  I am sorry to do this but I really need to get away from the computer and just be a couch potato for a couple days.  I hope your weather is wonderful, your flowers are in bloom and you can hear the lovely birds chirping out your window as I can out mine.  What I miss here is the sound of the Canadian Honkers as they land in my pastures and fly over my house!  Doesn't happen here in this part of Missouri.

Have an awesome week!


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Susan Mac

such fantastic news; now I know a cyber celeb! Your card's lovely, but the shading sells the card!Gwen, you've been such an inspiration to me, with your blog....thanks!

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