Watercoloring With My Digital Studio
Underselling Article- IMPORTANT please read!

12x12 Scrapbook Page

Prom 2010

Featuring Katie, my favorite Daughter  lol  actually she is my only daughter!  (although I have several awesome step daughters)

I created this using My Digital Studio.

Details follow the page

Sample page 3-11-001

Remember the background pages I created earlier this week and showed them here on the blog?  Well I used that Same idea for this page!

In My Digital Studio:

I started with a multi option 12x12 page

I colored it pink pirouette

I added a square punch on the left side of the page and filled it with Designer paper Night and Day #5

I changed the opacity of the designer paper to  about 20%

I then Added from the stamp selection the Presto Overlay Floral Frame and changed the color to Early Espresso

Then I changed the opacity to 50 and I right clicked on the overlay and chose send backwards. That way it is behind the photos and text.

I added Katie's beautiful photo and matted it in white to match her chiffon jacket. You will notice that the large photo has a wider white border and drop shading behind it.

I did that because I wanted that photo to be the focal point of the page.

Before adding the other photos, I put in a photo box, sized it to the size I wanted and then I clicked copy and paste and pasted in 2 more so they would all be exactly the same size.

I then clicked each photo box and added the photo of the dress that I wanted and added a tiny white mat to each photo- I thought after doing that~ I could have added the tiny white mat to the photo box and THEN copied and pasted them! I will remember that next time ( I hope! lol)

I added the (text) wording in 2 different Text boxes using the Lucinda Handwriting font from my computer. And just for good measure I right clicked on each text box and chose bring to front. The text color is black to match her glasses.

For a finishing touch, I added the rhinestones from the embellishments option to the corners to tie it to the beautiful rhinestones on her dress!

I think she is going to love this page! Now I only have about 122 more photos of prom to get onto pages for her! lolol  "someday"

This entire page took me about 15 minutes to create! And the fun part? I didnt have to cut any paper and I had NO waste either!

Have fun creating your pages!



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Anne Marie

What a beautiful page...but that DRESS is just stunning! Wow! I'm sure she loves this page. What a great way to capture the memory! :)

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