Merry Christmas!!
Scrapbooking, Quilting Or Crafting Retreat


Here are a couple more of the pages from Madison's DVD

I am working on Jack's DVD and I will share some of the pages from it later this week~

I can't believe its Dec 27th! I just told Kay I am going to FREAK out when I have to deal with 1-11-11 next  month! lol  or 11-11-11  holy cats!

I hope you are having an awesome week, we are working on paperwork- Kay has the week off (have him working on honey do's like paperwork and building dog houses!)

This is a text photo Katie sent me of Madison in her outfit Katie bought her for Christmas!  To stinkin cute !!

Maddy and daddy (1)

And here are more photos from the DVD

Madison 2010-015
Madison 2010-015
Have an awesome day!!!  See you tomorrow!


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