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Canning Meat Sauce

My dear friend from church Christina was here  so we could can meat sauce together- it was delicious and we saved some out for tacos before watching movies while the pressure canners did their job! I am sworn to secrecy (mums the word) on her recipe but let me tell you it is sweet and it is delish!

Just click on a photo to see it full size

We always put our camp stove on the deck when we can- that way we don' heat up the house or the garage.  We really had a good time and are plotting our next canning day! Probably green beans...... we will see!   We packed the sauce she made into pint jars and processed at 10 bs for 75 minutes just like the recipe she used said to. 

PERFECTION!  She uses this sauce in tacos, spaghetti, lasagna, and casseroles to name a few ( I have forgotten the rest of what she said! lol)

I hope this inspires you to use your pressure canner and get your delicious, healthy foods made and stored for winter!

I AM AN ANT,  NOT A GRASSHOPPER and in a couple weeks I will be making a couple batches of this sauce to can for myself!


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Kris Keuler

I bet it does taste better than any you can buy. It'll taste like summer in the dead of winter. I love that when I eat something during the long cold winter months that I put up during the summer. It brings back warm wonderful (sometimes sweaty) memories;)

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