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Our Saturday Projects!

74 degrees or hotter,  a slight breeze, and lots of work since 8 am

check out our progress! Remember, you can click on each photo so see it larger.

for Mothers day last year Katie took my really old wheelbarrow to the FFA shop and repainted it and added my name on the side-  we rented 2 tillers today A Mantis for the boxes and a Hydraulic for the ground-  its very heavy but boy can it till! Can you believe we don't own one yet? I gave mine to my sons when we moved here- it was 20 years old and that Troy Bilt was awesome and tilled thousands of miles (no joke)  it's on our list of what to buy after graduation and we have teens out of the house and have money rolfol.

So while the guys made the cold frame, I ran both tillers and tilled up all the boxes and the rest of the garden! I can tell you that I quit at 2, lol my arms are killing me! But I am really glad to have this part of the project finished- now to start planting! woo hoo!




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Hey Gwen, great job, when your done you can come and do my yard. Trust me it really needs some one who knows how to decorate a yard like you do. It's not that far just MN right smack in the middle.
Angel hugs

MIchelle Stamps

my arent you just a busy little bee. looking good!


Awesome pansies!

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