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My book for Jack

I am creating a 37 page book "about me"  for my grandson Jack to not only show my customers how COOL MDS and the printing service really is, but to give it to Jack when he is older or to his daddy. I havent decided yet -

here are a few of the pages, let me know what you think!

I took TWO designer kits and put them into thisBook-  yes its a 8.5 x 11.5 landscape printed BOOK using my digital studio and I will have it printed by Stampin Up Print services 

the SPINE will say:

A book about ME   Made for Jack, with all my love Grammie  2010

as you will see I am not a good journaler at all! lol

Front cover:

Jack Birthday Album-001

Jack Birthday Album-010

 Jack Birthday Album-018 

Jack Birthday Album-032
Jack Birthday Album-025
I just used the designer templates provided, added my photos and journaling and I have 2 pages  to finish and will send this to the printing service this week.

I will be making a video showing each page of this book when it arrives so stay tuned, and Kay is VERY sick so he didnt get to create his video this week (no voice! GASP!)  and I am still hurting after the accident so we had to cancel our booth at Pleasant Hope crop today also- boo hiss!!  I did see the chiropracter yesterday tho and my legs and hips have stopped hurting (muscle spasms have subsided also! YAYA~ but my chest area is still very bruised and oh so sore.

have a great weekend everyone!



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Boy he is getting to be such a big boy. Time sure flies. Thanks for sharing your grandson with us Gwen.
Angel hugs

Mary C. Anderson

I think that your pages are all wonderful Gretchen and I also think that this is a wonderful gift for your grandson.


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