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What an AWESOME day!

I am so EXCITED! I feel better today than I have in more years than I can remember! I started my bioidentical Hormone program 11 days ago (and Reliv nutrition 3 weeks ago) and I have really started to see a huge improvement in the last 3 days.

 No more wanting a nap during the day at all, lots of energy, hot flashes are not as severe or frequent,, my appetite is smaller (I hope that is a sign of good things lol) and in general I just feel FANTASTIC and I feel "happy" and enthusiastic!

I am working in the stamp room, creating items for tomorrow nights downline meeting.  I am also watering the gardens, I finshed planting the last of the bedding plants that Katie gave me for my birthday, and I have laundry going, BBQ steak in the crock pot for supper, the house is clean and so is my stamp room and I also have the house aired out just in time to shut it all up again because it has gotten so hot outside I had to turn on the air!

I will be back this after noon with a couple project photos,  I PROMISE.  They are just not quite ready for a photo yet!

I hope your day is as wonderful as mine.

UPDATE UPDATE--- Kasey and the Choir left today for New York and Carnegie Hall!! Their performance is Monday the 25th. I have a photo of him by the bus on my phone will add that after Kay is home so he can show me how lol-  have not made time to learn that.

hmmmm  7 days just my husband and I..... I wonder what we will do?



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Hey Gwen...what type of bioidentical hormones are you taking? Are they compouded especially for you?

Reason I ask is, I went to a Dr. go get on bioident. hormones, but all she gave me was the patch (hot flashes are gone, yay!), and I have to get a blood test done to get compounded testosterone...she told me that having all compounded will be too expensive.

And what is this Reliv nutrition??? Sounds interesting.

I am happy that you're feeling much better! I hope to get there one day soon.


Re~liv is AWESOME!!!!!

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