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May 2009

My dad was Raymond Ellis Davison US Army AirCorp 1942 and in 1944 Army Staff Sargeant who Served in the Philippine Islands at Pelilou- and I would give anything I have to hear his old... Read more →

For Memorial Weekend I have a fantastic offer! A FREE TUTORIAL!! A Delightful card box with directions for coordinating cards not shown! This is a fantastic gift idea and oh so Unique! To receive the... Read more →

I am so EXCITED! I feel better today than I have in more years than I can remember! I started my bioidentical Hormone program 11 days ago (and Reliv nutrition 3 weeks ago) and I... Read more →

I am in the process of posting scrapbooking kits, rub ons, etc for sale on my retail blog, I have to go to the local library later today to use their dsl to expedite the... Read more →

Yesterday Linda and Jim came to our rescue to fix our lawnmower, so while Jim was hard at work naturally Linda and I went to the stamp room, she mentioned she wanted to see how... Read more →