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It's beginning to look a lot like .... SNOW!

WOW!  YIPPEEYAHOOOO  whoopie............  where is the sled?

We NEVER get snow but today it has been snowing all day-  to bad the accumulation isn't what I am used to ! Well this really is frozen rain, but it's the only type of "snow" that comes here. I am dreaming tonight of normal snowflakes, not ice drops - lolol.

Here is a photo of the deck at 9 am today:

Snow 11 30 08 

We are watching Christmas movies, eating, and contemplating the decorating of the house.  The guys worked on the outside lights on Thanksgiving and the day after (nope we dont go shopping that day- way to much confusion for me)  Katie and I took down and put away all the fall decor.  I then decided to move and rearrange the furniture in the upstairs living room and the dining room- and I like it!

Now to get the house full of the holiday spirit and filled with my millions of decorations! (no exaggeration here, I literally fill the house with decorating!)

Yesterday we had a youth temple trip and after that we took the kids, went to the container store for a few more racks for the system we bought a couple weeks ago, Kasey and I made bows during the demo at the store and then we went to the St Louis Arch because Katie had never been there before and after that we went to the St Louis Mills mall where the kids did some shopping and Kay and I went to Archivers! We got home about midnight (we left at 430 am)  long day but a good day too!  Drove through snow storms on the way home and now all this snow today hooray!  Doubt it will stay- never does.

Hope your Sunday is wonderful. Ours most certainly is.This week I have the RWIB craft fair Tuesday night at the Local Senior center-  Santa will be there for photos, bring a can of food for the food drive and stop by and say hello!



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Very nice. It's actually snowing here now and sticking for the first time this year. We got a few decorations up this weekend, potpourri scattered around, and now 3-5 inches of snow by morning. Happy Dec. 1!


Oh, so pretty! Can you believe we haven't had any snow yet? Usually we've had some before Thanksgiving. It looks like a week or so before we get any. Glad you are enjoying your day!

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