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Christmas Card & Photos from the School Play

I have finally gotten our card designed and we will begin working on them in the midst of all the other kits  and wedding invites we are working to finish this week. Be sure to check Paper Expressions and More all week to see the new items for sale. Post # 1 made today! Dont miss out on Christmas Ideas!

Also-  please bear with us as we restyle the blog to find what could be making it load slowly for some of you.  We may have to cut back from 7 posts per page to 5, reduce size of photos and remove a few widgets which stinks to be honest., I have dial up and I dont have problems with it loading for me on the internet, so I am curious why someone with dsl would have problems, unless their internet service provider is part of the problem.  Anyhow we are TRYING and I do realize as I hope you all do too, that we can't please everyone, only someone some of the time!



This IS a full sized card to fit in our SU envelopes-  watch the posts this week to see more made with this awesome style- books etc...   the snowflakes are wheeled in versamark and heat embossed with irridescent ice.  The edges are DTP with white craft ink and the felt snowflake is from the holiday mini catalog.  We used markers to color in the snowmen while watching part 2 of the Santa Claus and working on the 200 wedding invitations- Kay and Katie and I wheeled coated and embossed for 2 hours last night and we are 1/2 done with the invitations. We will wheel, coat and emboss the rest tonight.  Kay will then create and print the vellum and cut it so we can attach it with ribbon to the wedding invitation and add ribbon.  there will be one large heat embossed snowflake on the vellum. I have to have these done to give her on Sunday this week.

So-  Saturday was the final performance of the school play  here are just 2 of the many photos taken  (keep an eye on my webshots link as I will try to get them all posted there this week)

Kasey was the HIT of the show as the big bad wolf- we were quite impressed with his acting skills this time because we saw a side of him we have never seen before and the director was thrilled- she told me afterwards she was worried about him  but he was FANTASTIC!



Here is Katie and Thomas at the finale where everyone comes out on stage for a bow, she had been jumping into his arms for the other performances, so they decided to change it up and he jumped into hers, it was fantastic! The crowd went wild! As you can see, the set was awesome those trees looked real!  It was a strange play lol, but was very funny (I wish I had a ton of money and could donate professional MIKES to our kids so the crowd can understandand & hear better!)

Aren't they just THE coolest kids?  Be sure to check later in the week on my webshots for over 200 photos of the school play titled "into the woods".

off to work in the studio on kits- and then hit curves- work more in the studio and take katie and I to the chiropracter this afternoon for adjustments (her spine is in the shape of an S, no lie! poor thing) Have a productive day!



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It was fast for me too !!!! Today was the first time I could visit your site without having any delays :-). Worked great.


Whatever you did to the blog today had astounding results! It loaded as quickly on my laptop as it does on my regular PC. I think the load time has something to do with the amount of memory in the computer. Once DH added more memory to my PC your blog loaded quickly. My laptop doesn't have the same amount of memory (has less) and it takes much longer, usually, for your blog to load on it. I use DSL on both so really think it is more to do with the amount of memory in the computer than the connection.
Just my $.02 worth...


Your Christmas card is precious! The embossed snowflakes really adds pizazz! Working together on a project like this really adds extra meaning.

I LOVE SCHOOL PLAYS! It is amazing what these kids can do! The set does look so real....AWESOME JOB! The unexpected jump at the end was an awesome move! KUDOS to all involved!


Oh, and my daughter is a Katy too ... just spelled different.


Very fun! My daughter did Into The Woods last year. It's a fun play. They are currently in rehearsal for How The Grinch Stole Christmas and opening night is Dec.5. Last week she got cast in Pirates of Penzance for February's show. I love high school theatre :-)

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