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Longaberger Specials

Hello, Longaberger friends!
Another online special has been announced to celebrate
Grandma Bonnie's 100th birthday on July 16th!
    The reason that the Pie Plates have been a focus for this special celebration is because Grandma Bonnie was famous for her pies. Her 12 children didn't know that pies could be cut in anything but fourths because that's how she always cut them! (That's 3 pies just to feed the kids!!) 
    She actually designed the 9" Pie Plate, sending back several prototypes to make sure it was deep enough, had a big enough lip and baked her pies up nicely. The Small Pie Plates were added to the line later on... GREAT for tarts, dips & cheeseballs!
The Large Pie Plate is ON SALE for $19.08 the entire month of July! (regularly priced at $25.00 each!)
A set of TWO Small Pie Plates are ON SALE for $19.08 on
July 16 ONLY, Bonnie's 100th Birthday!
I use my paprika colored pie plates all the time and LOVE them!
In addition,  DON'T FORGET that ALL HORIZON OF HOPE PRODUCTS are 20% OFF through July 16!  That's NEXT WEDNESDAY, Bonnie's Birthday! If you would like to order a Horizon of Hope Basket or set of 2 Pink Travel Mugs, CALL or E-MAIL ME NOW so you don't "forget"! If you would like to donate to our local "Baskets of Hope" campaign, this is a good time to place your order as well.

Download PiePlate_PDF.pdf


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