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In memory of Vanessa............

No,Vanessa is NOT dead, I have not seen nor heard from her in over a month (insert tears of disappointment here). When I was looking at the lolcat website late last night,  this cat made me think of her because this is one of the sayings she uses!!!! (roflol)- anyhew it looked like her cat too! hehehehehehehehahahahah (oh no! another bout of hysteria!) 


I wanted to honor her with this photo that made me laugh so hard I cried. (I am under severe stress here so I think the laughing/hysteria, really helped last night)  I wanted to share the laughter with all of you.....  some of the sayings here in the south are hilarious to us yankees roflol-   check below for yet another lolcat I couldn't resist posting!  Have a wonderful day!





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