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Wedding photos!

We are back! (at 4 am today! argh)

Morgan and Sarah's wedding was PERFECT and this was by far the best day my sons and daughter and I have ever had as a family! Please bear with me the next few days as I brag, and share photos! Kay my husband is on the left and I am on the right.

Mor sarah kay me 

I wish I could share the ceremony video- as the preacher started, someone set off the local fire station alarm! It was hilarious!!  I had the best week with my kids that I remember ever having, Nothing but happiness, and fun and tons of love!

Sarah took her mother Beth and I to the Ummalina's spa in Yakima on Wednesday. Beth had a facial and I opted for the reflexology massage.

here is a photo  Beth and gwen at spa


and here is the bride to be and one of her attendants........Sarah spa

I am truly blessed-  When Sarah introduced me to the gal at the spa she said- and this is Gwen, my mother in law


ohhhhhh  my heart melted and it hit me-  I am going to be a MIL! YAHOO! I have the best DIL in the world! (even tho she is the only one I have that makes no difference!!)

ok more tomorrow!   missed you all- hope you are doing well-post and let me know!



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How wonderful for all of you! Congratulations to you for adding another member to your family & you can see how happy your son is in the photo. Lucky duck, how nice to be pampered!
Take care & rest up a little,


wow, what a great surprise, glad you all enjoyed each other's company and well so sweet! It is so great to be close with your inlaws

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