Church Addresses Polygamy issue
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The wedding link is ready!

I have found that with the "new changes" here on typepad that their new changes are NOT dial up friendly and unfortunately for where I live, dial up is ALL that is offered.  Now with that said, I made a widget for the wedding photo album and posted it instead of trying to load photos to an album created specifically here on typepad.  The widget is at the top of the right hand column, just click on it to go to webshots and see the photos.  Remember, these are "not" the professional photos just photos taken with my little kodak digital camera by me and anyone else who happened to get ahold of it!

I will be "cleaning & organizing" my studio today... wish me luck, I am going to need it. Tomorrow is TOPS in the morning and scrapbooking at Lisa's house all afternoon! (my reason for cleaning is to find all my stuff so I can plan pages today to take to scrap tomorrow lol)

Thank you for your patience, I will have NEW projects to share starting Tuesday night!

On another note-  here in Southern Missouri we now have had OVER 30 inches of rain since Jan 1.  According to the news report last night, July will be another wet month.  Farmers are having problems either getting their crops planted or crops rotting in the fields from all the rain.  My garden has the rotting problem and it has me quite concerned.  I am grateful to my church leaders for their counsel on food storage!  And while in Utah I found an amazing F/S book titled: Emergency food in a nutshell by Leslie Probert and Lisa Harkness.

I bought it at Deseret Book.   If you are wondering "how" to do food storage, then this book is for you!

have a great day-  I will post photos of my before mess after lunch because when I get down there I dont want to get distracted and come back up! lol I really want to get it organized. OH! Did I tell you that Kay and I went into the IKEA store in SLC?  WOWOWOW! I wish we had one here! They have some great storage solutions !!  We bought risers to put under the twin bed in my quilt room so that I can get a bunch of my underbed boxes stored away finally!

Have a wonderfully productive day and let me know what is on your todo list today!



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I hope you don't get hit with the devastating flooding! I was home at my Mom's in Iowa helping her for a week dealing with it at the beginning of June. It's amazing the devastation water can do! We had no power, phone or gas for a week. Luckily she received minor damage compared to many others in her neighborhood. Just down the street a car was 1/2 full of water! Now one of the elementary schools will not be ready to be open in the Fall due to still pumping water out & to think it's the beginning of July. Waverly is a small town of about 8,000 & many businesses will not reopen either. You probably heard on the national news about Cedar Falls or Cedar Rapids. They are both south of Waverly so they got the water after. Mom & I kept praying that everyone would be safe & thank goodness there was no loss of life in her area.
Take care!

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