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Dear Peggy & all other readers;

I appreciate your posts :

A new comment from “Peggy” was received on the post “Church Addresses Polygamy issue” of the weblog “Paper Expressions”.

"I really wish you would not use a Paper Crafting Blog to be defensive about your religion and to proseletyze. Could you possibly have 2 blogs and keep the topics separate? If not, I am going to have to unsubscribe. I really, really do not like being preached at during my leisure time."

You see, this is my blog not a company sponsored blog and I can do with it whatever I choose.  I try to post church related items on Sundays. If you are offended you are more then welcome to unsubscribe - we are all given our right to choose (free agency) by God our Heavenly Father.
The "reason" I am posting Sunday articles about my faith is because so many of you the readers email me the most incredible "myths" about my religion I have ever read! My posts are designated as information and to set the record straight because there are so many lies and myths out there.  I don't feel I am trying to convert anyone by my posts and I also do not feel I am "preaching" to anyone. I am sharing "correct information" so the ignorance can stop and so will the lies.
If you worry that you are offended by my posts think about this:  do you ever stop to consider how I may feel when I am emailed the lies and myths and garbage by readers who are trying to "make me see the light and come to my senses" as one reader put it?
You have the choice to read my posts or not- skip those you may not be interested in and read those you are- no one is forcing you to read anything I post. But as did the Apostles of the New Testament and all the prophets of the old testament,  I refuse to have my beliefs belittled, lied about and I will proclaim my love for my redeemer Jesus Christ from every mountain top and anywhere else (oh ya my blog) any time I feel the need.
I am not afraid to set the record straight nor am I ashamed of my religion or my political preferences because they help make up who I am and contribute to my creativity and my love for people. Yes, even people I have never met nor spoken to!
I hope this helps you understand and that the constant critisism I receive about my religion and my love for it, via email or posts on my blog will ease up.  I will post something religious on Sundays from now on and try to limit it to that but I refuse to stop posting them as long as the lies and the myths are out in the public being passed along.  I don't believe in the saying "ignorance is bliss". I believe it is cruel and hurtful.
Many Hugs! Gwen



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Sandy Ross

I don't believe that you have ever done or said anything offensive. There are so many misconceptions about the LDS religion and it is wonderful to see things that try to straighten out these untruths. If something changes the understanding of the LDS faith for just one, then it has all been worth it.
What is wrong with Loving the Lord, Striving to be more like him every day,. Being more compassionate, and striving to be of service to others. No one is perfect, and if more people strived to follow these principles no matter what their religion, the world would be a better place. After all aren't we all striving for the same thing?
Thanks for all of your posts. I appreciate them.
Sandy in Utah



I don't profess any particular religion although I was raised Catholic. I try to keep an open mind and learn at least one new thing every day. Many times that includes learning about your faith. Just as people have misconceptions about the Mormon faith they have misconceptions about other religions. I prefer to learn about other religions from those who are actually practicing it as they are the ones that will really know what is true to that faith. I can read books and I can read or watch the news but those writing for those sources may have a bias I don't know about. Thus my desire to learn from those actually practing that religion. Keep on posting! I enjoy learning!


I understand your feelings and you have every right to talk about the misconceptions of your religion. We do have the freedom of speech in America. I am a Lutheran & am proud of my religious upbringing. I have been thinking of you with the happenings in the south & have wondered if you had gotten any responses about it.
Know that your religion is always apart of you, no one can take that away from you.
May God bless you!

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