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Hello from Washington state!

I made it safely yesterday!  Mo and Sarah picked me up at the Portland Airport and we are having a great time. I am here at Ray's spending time with little Jack the cutie pie. I will take him back to his mom Tuesday afternoon and then spend the rest of the day and night at Mo & Sarah's.  They liked my mom of the groom dress I bought (PHEW)!  I was so worried and dresses are so hard to find.  We ended up in Kansas City Mo searching for a dress for Katie and one for me because of the poor choices in Springfield (KC is 3.5 hours north of us)

Weather is gorgeous and the AIR SMELLS FANTASTIC!! I always loved the smell of the FRESH air here! Hoping we have lunch with Terry today and I will take Ray grocery shopping after work today for some basics. He has been laid off for 6 months and just went back to work last week.  So mom is going to help a bit in the grocery department. 


Well, Jack is ready to play again-  I will see you all soon with more updates= Wedding is Saturday with decorating on Friday and rehersal Friday night= I am SO excited and they are so nervous! lolol

hugs! Gwen


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Tell them it will all work out great and CONGRATS!! We wish them all the best!

Denim's bday was good, the kids all had fun playing in the water and Denim loves birthday cake especially when he got to have it twice!! LOL

Have a great week and Take Care, I asked grandma and grandpa about those people, and she couldn't recall them, maybe a last name will help.

Gotta go get groceries myself, so I will chat with you later!

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