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PROM PHOTO, And Today's Topic!

I just had to share this adorable prom photo of Katie and Jared.

Katie PROM 


This was a strapless dress. I took the shawl and made the sleeves for her as we don't wear spaghetti straps or strapless anything in this family. We all wear modest clothing.  I can't tell you how much I hear from MALES of all ages how they HATE seeing women wear inappropriate clothing: low cut shirts, bra straps showing, short shorts/skirts/dresses etc.  They do not like it contrary to what the manufacturers and hollywood want women to believe.  I regularly hear Male teachers/coaches complain about the attire of the students.  My husband was a substitute teacher in "middle school" not to long ago and he came home everyday complaining about the short skirts and low cut shirts. He had to stand at the back of the classroom so he didn't have to look at their cleavage as they leaned on their desk or their short skirts as they sat with their legs NOT crossed.  This is our youth, stop and think about their age and the consequences of such dress and dress them appropriately!

Women and young girls need to be more aware of this. But you know men, they tell their wives & mothers but no one else, so the way they REALLY feel is not being shared with who really needs to hear it! 

 What I hear from the teenage and college age boys is that it's bad enough that they have to push improper thoughts out of their heads at school and focus on their studies, but with girls letting it all hang out, Girls and women (teachers included, moms sisters etc...) are not showing respect to young men or older men by what they wear and that is what these boys are telling me as a mom!  Just because it's cute to the wearer, doesn't mean it will make her cute to the eyes of the respectable males who see her wearing it. It embarasses them for you!  In other words they not only find it distasteful, they are totally embarassed for the female wearing it!

(Have you ever seen a female wearing something where her breasts are showing or her dress/skirt/shorts are to short and you were disgusted?) Well my friends, tell your daughters and sisters that men feel that way when they see these things too and you don't have to be obese or overweight for men or other women to think it! I know because I hear males say it all the time. They like wondering, not having it all shown to the public.

So that is today's topic and my brag photo! Hope your day is wonderful! I am off to walk on my treadmill and then head outside to continue on our projects- Kay made 2 wood boxes for my strawberries (photos to come later today) and we have to have a dump truck of topsoil delivered as we continue making raised bed boxes in the garden.  I absolutely love working in my gardens!

I don't think there is any hobby I have that I enjoy more.



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hunter@ christmas gifts

I am male and I could not agree with you more. I despise seeing women wear inappropriate clothing; especially the bra straps showing. Also women who do not dress appropriate for there body shape is a real turn off.

You are right as well that we men are embarrassed for the female wearing such "fashion". I use the word loosely. Good article!


I'm not sure I agree with your topic of the day, but I have to say you did a good job with her dress, you cannot tell that the sleeves were not designed that way, you do good work. :)



She is beautiful Gwen, looks SO much like her mama! Pretty girl!!!
I agree with you wholeheartedly on the dress thing too...I cannot believe some of the commercials on TV, I am sick of women prancing around in their bras and underwear!

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