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Q: Can I use liquids in the Aqua Painter besides water?

A: The Aqua Painter will hold any liquid in its barrel. The painter is made with a synthetic nylon brush tip, which the manufacturer says will not be damaged by bleach. However, we have not tested it with all possible liquids, and we recommend that you use the Aqua Painter for its intended purpose: to hold water.

Q: How do I use the Perfect Layers Tool?

A: You can use the Perfect Layers Tool with photos, scrapbook page titles, borders, or other accents. Here's how it works:

  • Attach photo or accent to card stock. Place on cutting mat.
  • Choose which border width you would like, and find which tool lists that width. Place the tool on top of the photo or accent so the measurement you wish to cut is printed face-up.
  • Align the tool with the photo or accent so the corresponding inner edge of the tool catches on the edge of your photo or accent. Using your hobby blade, cut the card stock along the outer edge of the Perfect Layers tool.
  • Rotate your photo or accent 90 degrees, and repeat steps 3 and 4 until all sides of the photo or accent are trimmed to the desired width.
  • Tool #1 measures widths of 1/8", 5/8", 1/4", and 3/8". Tool #2 measures widths of 1/16", 1/2", 3/16", and 5/16". Both tools are included in the set. Use with your cutting mat and hobby blade for perfect borders every time!

Q: What's the easiest way to use the hobby blade?

A: Try pulling the knife towards you in little smooth surges, and "walk" the paper around with the fingers of your other hand. The cutting comes from the knife, but all the turning comes from the paper. The trick to getting a smooth line is to keep everything moving. Here are some additional tips:

  • Cut inside curves and small, complicated bits before smooth, straight lines. For instance, cut out the inside areas of letters like O and A before cutting out the rest of the letter.
  • Cut clockwise rather than counter-clockwise.
  • Keep the paper big enough to be manageable, but not so big that it becomes awkward.
  • Cut with the line towards you so you can see the line that you are following.

Q: How long will the Craft & Rubber scissors remain sharp?

A: Many factors affect the sharpness of the scissors, so it's difficult to pinpoint exactly how long they will retain a sharp edge. Variables include the amount of rubber trimmed and the frequency of use with other materials. Because of the composition of the rubber, the scissors will eventually have to be sharpened. We recommend taking the scissors to a reputable cutlery store or other establishment where scissors and knives are sharpened.

Q: What are the benefits of the Stampin' Up!®'s grid paper?

A: Our convenient grid paper is something no stamper should be without! With generous 11" x 17" measurements, it is large enough to use beneath any project so you can wheel and stamp freely. Measurements are printed right on the paper, eliminating the need for a ruler. And when you're done, simply throw it away and your clean up is through!


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Hi Gwen,

I use all of your tips that you give on your blog for myself & also to pass on to my small handful of customers. I truely appreciate you posting all of this information!! It not only informs me on things I might not know, but also helps promote sales of certain items I don't always promote!

Thanks again,
Ann :)

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