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Phone trouble continues

phone line problems solved

I have not been online since Monday night because suddenly out of no where, the phone line stopped working. (insert mad face here) No phone, no internet, (sob) and no chatting! ARGH! I did get some "other" things done tho. Sorry I haven't posted but now you know why.

Today I went To Vanessa's and taught her to use her A1 quilting machine- she even let me quilt the baby quilt I made for Kara that Kay will take when he goes to Sacramento on Friday! Now I need to bind it, I was going to do it tonight but I mowed the yard and tilled the garden this evening instead and I am sore and pooped! Tomorrow I have a baby shower here at the house so I have to mop the floors, frost/decorate the cake (photos to come) bind the quilt and put the finishing touches on the food table.

Oh, go get more mower gas as I ran out, pick up a few things at the store (cream cheese to make the chocolate chip dip)  and some other things I need - LIKE DIET PEPSI! lolol

Our weather (except for the winds) was very nice today- I have the windows open tonight and it feels great.

Well my friends, I am in desperate need of a shower since mowing so I am going to hit the road=  but here are a couple  photos I just found in my email from my son Ray- From back to front-  Ray, Wyatt (Ray's 1/2 brother on his dad's side) and Jack- aren't they adorable?  They helped Morgan (my other son) move and mowed his grass too!

What a great group ! I can't wait to see them again in June!!!

000_0031   .

And my little boy is waving at me check this out! 000_0033   


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Sara in WI

What great pictures! TFS! Glad that you are back on line!

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